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Yars' Revenge is a video game designed by Howard Scott Warshaw and developed and published by Atari for the Atari 2600 in 1982.


Gamers take control of an insect warrior named Yars, who must destroy the evil Qotile, who is hidden behind a barrier. Yars must destroy the barrier either by shooting at it or by eating it. Once the barrier is destroyed, Yars must use the Zorlon cannon to destroy Qotile. Qotile can transform itself into a powerful energy called the Swirl, which can kill Yars easily.

Why It Rocks

  1. Shooting a block of the shield will grant gamers 69 points while eating a block will net 169 points
  2. Shooting Qotile with the Zorlon cannon will grant Yars 1000 points
  3. Shooting the Swirl with the Zorlon cannon will grant Yars 2000 points
  4. Shooting the Swirl while it is in midair will net Yars 6000 points and an extra life
  5. Qotile shoots a guided missile at you that follows you through the game. The neutral zone in the middle protects Yars from the missile but prevents him from attacking as well. The neutral zone does not protect Yars from the Swirl
  6. An easter egg exists in the game that shows Howard Scott Warshaw's initial, forwards and backwards. This is achieved by killing the Swirl in mid-air. After doing that, a black vertical line appears (jokingly refered to as the Ghost of Yars). If Yars moves vertically along the line and slight below the middle of the screen, the game ends and Howard Scott Warshaw's initials replace the word Select


Yars' Revenge is the Atari 2600's best selling original title.


The guy who made this game (Howard Scott Warshaw), was the same guy who made E.T., often considered to be the worst game of all time.

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