The Secret Island of Dr Quandary cover

Can you escape?

The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary is an educational video game made for computers(DOS and Mac OS) in 1993. It was developed by MECC.


A human enters a carnival and wins at the shooting gallery. After winning he obtains a doll. Dr. Quandary however places the human inside the doll and puts it on his island. Now you must use your intelligence to gather special ingredients for a magic brew that will send you home.

Why It Rocks

  1. The doll you pick also determines the difficulty of the game. The dolls are B. Ginner, O.D. Nary, and D. Feecult.
  2. Numerous mathematical and logic puzzles stand between you and the ingredients.
  3. While it is an educational game, the age requirement is eight to adults.
  4. Impressive graphics and visuals for the time.


Projared gave the game a "Mensa out of ten," praising the educational content and difficult puzzles and believing it would helps kids become smarter. At the end of his video, he gave it a real rating of a seven out of ten.

The DOS version of the game has a 4.17 out of five rating on GameFAQs, while the MAC version only has a 2.75 out of five.