The Gamergate Movement occurred in August 2014 when consumers and gamers became fed up with corruption in game journalism as well as social justice warriors and feminazis forcing their agenda on our games. Though the mainstream media and social justice warriors have denounced GamerGaters as a harassment campaign against women in gaming, Gamergate has been a largely successful movement with more people joining. Within one year, Gamergate has already accomplished the following:

  1. Forced many gaming sites to update their ethics policies to enforce patreon disclosures, which means if a writer is financially supporting someone they're covering, it must be disclosed in the article.
  2. Boycotted advertisers to many very corrupt sites like Gawker. Because of this, many companies stopped supporting these sites, which cost the sites lots of money in ad revenue. Gawker (which owns Kotaku, one of the sites that wrote Gamers are Dead) actually lost six figures in ad revenue because of this.
  3. The Deepfreeze site acts as a database for sites that are corrupt or can be trusted. They also rank game journalists based off how corrupt they are and expose their corruption and unethical behavior for millions to see.
  4. Donated to many charities including the Fine Young Capitalists, which made a fundraiser to help women make video games.
  5. Acts as a media watchdog to keep an eye out for corruption and SJW craziness. One example is The Ralph Retort which discusses and reports the actions of corrupt sites and how insane and delusional SJWs are.
  6. Exposed the hypocrisy, lies, and double standards of SJWs and feminazis.
What Has GamerGate Accomplished? (Guest video by @theLeoPirate)06:52

What Has GamerGate Accomplished? (Guest video by @theLeoPirate)

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