Silent hill 2

In my restless dreams, I see that town.

Silent Hill 2 is a video game and the sequel to original Silent Hill. It was originally developed for the PlayStation 2 but was ported to PC and the Xbox, before being a part of the Silent Hill HD Collection. It was released in 2001 and was developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox while the PC version was developed by Creature Labs. Hijinxs Studios developed the HD remaster since Konami lost the source code.


After losing his wife, Mary three years ago to an illness, James Sunderland receives a letter from her asking him to meet her in Silent Hill. Exploring the town, James meets Maria, a woman who resembles his wife and encounters horrific monsters. James must now figure out what is happening or succumb to the cursed town.

Why It Rocks

  1. Terrifying monsters, born out of James's subconscious.
  2. One of the most famous monsters in the Silent Hill franchise makes his debut, the Pyramid Head. It resembles the town's ancient executioners and are born out of James's desire to be punished.
  3. Complicated puzzles that really make you think.
  4. Horrific and terrifying imagery, especially in the Otherworld, a hellish like realm with everything decaying and covered in rust and blood.
  5. The radio emits static when James is near a monster.
  6. The Xbox version has additional content. The extra content was rereleased in the Greatest Hits version of the PS2 port.
  7. Six different endings to the games, each equal canon as Konami left the true ending ambiguous.


Silent Hill 2 is considered one of the greatest horror titles ever made and one of the best video games ever made. With the exception of the HD Collection, all versions of the game have a rating over 4 out of five on GameFAQS.

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