The Nintendo DS is the first in Nintendo's DS line that replaced its Game Boy line. It was launched in 2004 for Japan and North America and 2005 for Australia and Europe. Although the DS is popular, it is not the first game console to use styluses. The first console to use styluses was the heavily panned

Why It Rocks

  1. The reason it is called the DS is because it uses two screens (Dual Screen).
  2. The bottom screen is a touchscreen for more interactivity with the games.
  3. It is the first handheld that can consistently do full 3D games.
  4. Over 2,000 games to choose from.
  5. Lots of good games from Nintendo were made including:
  6. Introduced Wi-fi service to play online for handhelds.
  7. Early models were backwards compatible with the Game Boy Advance.
  8. The DSi model could connect to the Nintendo E-Shop for downloadable games.
  9. A DS can connect wirelessly to a nearby DS to send messages to each other.
  10. It has a small microphone used for some games and features.
  11. A major feature called Download Play allowed other DS users to do some multiplayer gaming with only one game card, provided that they are within range.
  12. A Nintendo DS was taken to Mt.Everest during an expedition. Several electronic equipment including a Dell Laptop broke down from the intense cold yet the DS remained fully functional after the trip, showing the system is extremely durable.

Bad Qualities

  1. Later models removed the backwards compatibility which some DS games took advantage of for some of their features.
  2. You need a stylus to use the touchscreen, it doesn't react well to your fingers unlike smartphones and tablets.
  3. The console only has a D-Pad which makes precise movement in 3D games harder.
  4. Wi-Fi support was discontinued so the only way to play multiplayer now is local.
  5. Like the Nintendo Wii with its motion control, the Nintendo DS's focus on touchscreen and lower hardware specs made it a very easy target for shovelware, especially from Destination Software.
  6. Downloadable games are bought for the console, rather than for an account, meaning that if the console broke, you would need to buy all the games again.


Selling over 154 millions units, the Nintendo DS is the second best selling game system of all time.