Minecraft is an independent sandbox building video game originally released for PC downloading in 2009 created by Marcus "Notch" Persson and developed and published by Mojang. It was eventually ported to consoles such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch, and later mobile devices such as the iPhone, Apple TV, Windows 10, and Kindle Fire.

Why It Rocks

  1. Completely open world which you can modify at will, allowing you to make your own structures and buildings.
  2. The surface area of the game world is EIGHT TIMES bigger than Earth's surface, at 30,000,000 blocks or meters wide and long, and 254 blocks tall. It is so large you cannot save the entire world on a hard disk. The legacy console editions have a much more limited world size due to save file size restrictions set by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and range from 864x254x864 to 5172x254x5172 with the maximum size depending on the console and the actual size of the world chosen by the player. This excludes the new edition of Minecraft on Xbox One, called Minecraft, which is the same edition as the one on iOS, Android, and Windows 10, which have the full world size of 30,000,000 blocks wide and long and 254 blocks tall, or 256 blocks wide and long and 127 blocks tall if selected.
  3. The biggest point of gameplay is the crafting system. It allows you to make armor, weapons, tools, defenses and materials for constructing houses and buildings like mansions.
  4. No major goals other than exploring and gathering resources.
  5. Two major game styles; Creative and Survival. Survival makes the character mortal and requires the player to gain resources before nightfall to defend himself/herself from dangerous creatures. Creative makes the player immortal and grants him/her unlimited resources to do anything he/she pleases.
  6. Zombies.
  7. It is possible to build farms to grow renewable resources such as potatoes, sugar canes, and cactus. You can also hoard cows, sheep, pigs, and other animals in a pen and breed and harvest them for resources such as wool, beef, and leather.
  8. After obtaining ten blocks of obsidian you can build a portal to the Nether, which is a dimension where lava is all over the place and more demonic creatures spawn.
  9. After defeating Endermen and going to the Nether you can find a stronghold and place Eyes of Ender on a portal to go into the End, where you can fight an Ender Dragon. Defeating the Ender Dragon gives you access to the End Islands where you can find things such as Shulker enemies which you can defeat to gain Shulker shells which are used to craft a block with an inventory which is not dropped when destroyed, allowing you to carry additional items with you.
  10. Villages can be located in the game. You can trade with villagers to obtain emeralds (also found by mining but extremely rare) in order to trade for other items, even enchanted tools and weapons.
  11. Hidden dungeons that contain books for enchanting and other resources, but to win you must defeat an enemy mob.
  12. Redstone allows for the construction of advanced dynamic machines such as automated farms and furnaces, player traps, TNT launchers, retractable stairs, moving mechs and vehicles, calculators, and even a working computer. If you can figure out how to use Redstone to its full potential, you can probably make whatever machine you can think of.
  13. The game gets updates frequently to keep it up to date and add new features, blocks, and monsters.
  14. The PC version has a huge number of mods to it, which range from adding additional biomes, adding machines which run on electricity, automation of farms, more monsters, more food types, additional dimensions, going to other planets in the galaxy, a mini-map, and computers which run Lua scripts.
  15. Due to the Skin Pack 1 being on all Non-Playstation Consoles, As a result, Banjo Kazooie characters make a return on a Nintendo Console.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Java Edition of the game obviously requires Java to run, which is notorious for being unsecure and slow. Newer versions of the Minecraft: Java Edition launcher have added a specific version of Java optimized for that edition of the game so it can run faster and also allow you to uninstall Java from the computer.
  2. The PS Vita version is a bad port. Also, the new "Bedrock Edition" that replaced the old Xbox One Edition of Minecraft is infamous for adding Micro-transaction DLC and being a downgrade of the old edition.
  3. The multiplayer community is full of brain-dead, immature players.


Minecraft has over 100 million registered users across all platforms.

Gameplay tips

  • Using a Shulker Box to carry more stuff is good and all, but that can't be crafted until you reach the End Cities. Another way to increase your storage capacity is to carry an Ender Chest and a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment to break the Ender Chest (an Ender Chest is only dropped upon breaking with a pickaxe with a Silk Touch enchantment, pickaxes without the Silk Touch enchantment breaks it and causes it to only drop Obsidian). Opening an Ender Chest will access a separate inventory associated to your player, not to the block itself, meaning you can access the same inventory from a different Ender Chest. When your inventory is full or you want to dump stuff out of your inventory place the Ender Chest, then open it, then break it with the pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment when you're done. Using this trick can allow you to carry 25 more slots of inventory.