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Magic the Gathering (Called Shandalar due to the plane where the game takes place) is a PC game released for Windows 95 in 1997 by MicroProse. As the name states, it's based off the wildly popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering.


The evil Planeswalker Arakon has been freed from his prison and has corrupted the five mages of each color. Now you must defeat the five mages and seal away Arzakon to save Shandalar.

Why It Rocks

  1. The game contains a tutorial to allow newcomers get used to Magic: The Gathering.
  2. The game has an RPG style gameplay and such you grind for better cards allowing for better deck building
  3. Each mage requires different strategies to beat due to each one representing a different color
  4. NPCs offer numerous quests that reward you with cards
  5. Cards can even be found by exploring the world
  6. Rarer cards can be found in dungeons.
  7. A major obstacle in dungeons are monsters that ask questions about Magic: The Gathering
  8. The A.I. allows for challenging yet rewarding gameplay
  9. For fans of the older cards, this game allows you to use them since it was made in 1997, which should offer a sense of nostalgia
  10. Had two expansion sets, Spells of the Ancients, and Duels of the Planeswalkers
  11. Contained the Astral Set, which was unique to the game and not printed on paper, except for Aswan Jaguar which came with the game.
  12. The world and dungeon layouts are different each time you play, offering tons of replayability


Web Reviewer ProJared gave the game a "Prodigal Sorcerer out of 10," praising virtually everything about the game and even prefering it over newer Magic: The Gathering games.

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