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AT LONG LAST! AKI Pro Wrestling 64 is finally finished!

Here it is, folks. The last episode.

This episode covers WWF No Mercy, the most popular of the AKI games and the best one next to Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Find out to see why it's so awesome!

It seems the review turned out a lot longer than I expected, but I had a lot to say about this game. I love it. To me, no wrestling game was as fun as No Mercy was (with the exception of the Fire Pro Wrestling series). Not even the future SmackDown!/SmackDown vs. Raw games and WWE GameCube games, although SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain and Day of Reckoning 1 come pretty close.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my review and be sure to vote for your favorite game here:

Tips on winning Handicap Matches:

Some people have problems winning handicap matches, but for me it was pretty easy because I found a way. Handicap matches are more or less the same as Triple Threat matches when it comes to fighting opponents.

When you begin the match, keep doing weak B button weak grapples and only use A button weak grapples if you want to put down your opponent very quickly, but don't do grapples that have submissions or multiple strikes. Then go to his/her partner and do another B button weak grapple. Then go to the other guy and do another B button weak grapple. Taunts are recommended, but don't do it too much.

Keep doing this until your meter flashes red. A button weak grapple both guys and then move the analog stick. Pick them up (they should be a little groggy after that) and do the special like you'd normally do.

Now don't pin them yet. Pick them up and do STRONG grapples (it's much easier now) on both of your opponents. I recommend doing grapples that slam your opponent to the ring or ground. Then do your special again and you should be able to pin either one of them.

Another way is to keep throwing your opponent outside the ring (Grapple C-Up) and taunting until you gain a special. Then do the specials, then do strong grapples, then do specials again and you should win the match.

Now this may or may not work depending on the difficulty. If it's on Hard or Very Hard, you should expect some trouble. If it's on Normal or Easy, it should be a piece of cake.


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