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Compliments of the Ralph Retort

The Feminist Frequency E3 Tweets occurred during the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo when Feminist Frequency owners Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathon McIntosh (regarded as the true brains behind Feminist Frequency) were invited to the event.

During their stay at the trade fair and while everyone else was having fun, Anita and McIntosh were very negative, tweeting to not take pictures of show girls (and ironically taking pictures of showgirls), and using a pin-up of Rise Kujikawa of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 promoting Persona 4: Dancing All Night to stuff inside her E3 attendee badge to complain about it tweeting, "Of all the images they could have chosen, it's unfortunate that this is the one attached to every #E32015 attendee badge." Her tweet was responded by people calling this out and showing badges without the Rise Kujikawa badge. YouTuber Mr. Repzion also pointed out there was almost nothing sexist about the pin-up.


During the showing of Fallout 4, Anita Sarkeesian made one of the more infamous tweets, "The #Fallout4 crafting system is cool. Imagine how much cooler it could be if it wasn't SO focused on building stuff to kill other stuff."

Anita then tweeted about Dishonored 2 saying, "It's a bit sad that #Dishonored2 didn't make the leap to an exclusively female lead but really pleased their using Emily in marketing."

Finally when Doom 4 was announced, it was met with up roaring applause but both Anita and McIntosh denounced the game using the tweets shown above.

Why Is This An Awesome Moment in Gaming History?

The answer is quite simple. The tweets made by both Anita and McIntosh were so stupid, even some of Anita's own followers began questioning her and causing more people to see her for the con artist she is and many stated she was basically acting almost like Jack Thompson. Her own future videos went down from hundreds of millions of views to under 500,000 and her own retweets went from thousands of retweets to under 500. This shows that even though she still has some followers, she is losing credibility very fast and will soon become forgotten.

Anita Sarkeesian Fails At E3

Anita Sarkeesian Fails At E3