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Sleep Priestess, Lie in Peace!

Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented is the third mainstream game in the Fatal Frame franchise. Unlike the first two games, Fatal Frame 3 was exclusive to the PlayStation 2 and was not ported to the Xbox. It was released in 2005 in Japan and North America and 2006 for Europe. It was developed by Tecmo who also published it for Japan and North America. Take-Two Interactive published it in Europe.


After losing her fiancé, Yuu Asou in a car crash from her driving, freelance photographer Rei Kurosawa suffers from survivor's guilt which sends her into the Manor of Sleep, a mansion trapped in a dream. While there, she is cursed with a tattoo that spreads to her body each time she falls asleep. To make matter worse, her assistant and friend Miko Hinasaki, the heroine of the first game is also under the same curse for leaving her brother behind in the first game. Meanwhile Yuu's friend, Kei Amakura, the uncle of Mio and Mayu of the second game, begins having the dreams as he goes into research after Mio suffers guilt for killing her sister. Now all three must solve the mystery of the Manor of Sleep, before the tattoos cover them completely and cause them to disappear.

Why it Rocks

  1. Unlike the first two games where you temporarily control one character (the first game had players first control Mafuyu before you completely control Miko and the second game lets you control Mayu for very brief moments), this game gives you three playable characters, Rei, Miku, and Kei.
  2. Each character has their strengths and values:
    1. Rei is the main protagonist and fights the final boss. She is able to use flashes to banish weaker ghosts and stun enemies. She is the most playable character.
    2. Miko can double her own spiritual power and has a charm that slows down ghosts. Her tiny frame also enables her to crawl into areas Rei and Kei can't access.
    3. Kei Amakura is physically the strongest and can move obstacles blocking entryways. He is spiritually the weakest and must sometimes hide from enemies.
  3. Many things you photograph in the Manor of Sleep end up in the Camera Obscura in the waking world. Developing these photos allows Rei to give them to Miku for research and helps add more story to the game.
  4. The Type-14 film locations in the game replenish themselves each time you awaken and fall back asleep. This helps Rei, Miku, and Kei increase their odds of survival.
  5. Numerous ghosts to capture
  6. A second, more positive ending is obtainable in the second playthrough. It is stated that the second ending is canon to give everyone closure.


Fatal Frame 2 has a 4.21 rating on GameFAQs.


FATAL FRAME 3- THE TORMENTED Review - RabidRetrospectGames

FATAL FRAME 3- THE TORMENTED Review - RabidRetrospectGames