Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is the sequel to the original Fatal Frame game. It was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003. a director's cut was released to the Xbox in 2004 and a remake was released to Japan and Europe only for the Wii in 2012. All versions of the game were developed by Tecmo and publishing was done by Tecmo in Japan and North America but the PAL version of the game was published by Ubisoft and the European Xbox version was published by Microsoft.


Twin sisters, Mayu and Mio Amakura are visiting their childhood playspot before a dam floods the area. Mayu spots a Crimson Butterfly and follows it. Concerned for her sister, Mio follows and the two end up in All God's Village, known as the Lost Village. With no way to escape, Mio spots an abandoned camera and must now face the ghosts in the village and learn the secret of the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual before they suffer the fate of all who end up in the cursed village.

Why It Rocks

  1. Terrifying and disturbing imagery.
  2. Scary music.
  3. The best way to fight ghosts is to let them get in close to you and shoot the camera just before they attack. This adds to the horror element of the game.
  4. Unlike the previous game which take place in a very large mansion, the setting for the game is a village, making for a much larger setting.
  5. Tons of hidden ghosts to acquire.
  6. Easy to upgrade the camera. All you have to do is acquire Spirit Orbs, junction them to a feature in the camera, and add spirit points to it.
  7. The XBox version has more ghosts and more features and more endings.
  8. Multiple endings (the Downer Ending is canon).
  9. A new feature in the game is the Spirit Radio, allowing you to hear the thoughts of spirits when you acquire gems from defeated enemies.
  10. Performing the Fatal Frame shot allows for maximum damage you can do to a ghost and allows Mio to perform combo shots.
  11. Beating the game once unlocks a new game +, which enables a shop at the beginning of each load and the upgrades for the camera carrying over.


Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is often considered one of the scariest games ever made and is the best known Fatal Frame game.