Will you be a hero or a villain?

Fable is the first game in a series of video games released in 2004. It was originally developed by Big Blue Box for the Xbox and Robosoft for computer and developed by Lionshead Studies for the extended Lost Chapters edition as well as the anniversary edition released for the XBox 360. Microsoft Game Studios published the console versions of the game while Feral Interactive published the computer version.


As a young boy, the Hero of Oakvale watched as his village burned to ground by bandits while his father was killed and his sister and mother were taken. Taken in by the Heroes Guild, the Hero trains in the three Hero traits, Strength, Skill, and Will to get revenge.

Why It Rocks

  1. The alignment system changes your character's form depending on his actions. If his alignment is good (doing good deeds, taking good quests, being vegetarian) makes his character more angelic looking with a halo above his head, while doing evil (killing villagers, stealing, abusing the spouse, and eating crunchy chicks) causes the character to look more demonic in appearance
  2. Numerous weapons to obtain
  3. Tons of magic spells to learn. Some even require a good or evil alignment to obtain
  4. Three major traits of the Hero are Strength, Skill, and Will. Strength affect melee combat, defense, and hit points. Skill affects the use of ranged weapons, speed of melee weapons, stealth, and trading abilities. Will is the ability to learn magic spells and increase your magic meter
  5. Four different types of experience points. One is general experience, which aids in the other three traits, and the other three experience points assist in the three hero traits.
  6. Investing in each trait affects how your character looks. Investing in Strength causes your character to be more muscular, Skill affect growth glands increasing height, and investing in Will causes magic to flow through his veins giving a blue glow
  7. There exists quests that advance the storyline and there are optional quests as well to earn some money
  8. Boasting allows you to obtain more money from your quests by meeting certain conditions such as fighting naked, not allowing someone to get hurt, etc.


Fable was one of the original XBox's fastest selling titles and received near universal acclaim, though one major complaint was that not many features were offered and the game was short in length.