Doom (stylised as DooM or The Ultimate DooM) is a first-person shooter released in 1993 by id Software and spawned a franchise. Doom, along with Mortal Kombat, helped to create the ESRB rating and launch more mature video games.


An unnamed space marine is shipped to Mars to act as security for the Union Aerospace Corporation. During an experiment involving teleportation, a device creates a portal to Hell and unleashes demons and evil forces on the Mars base, making Deimos disappear and causing the scientists and security guards to die horribly while the evil revives them as zombies. It's up to the Marine to fight off the demons and zombies, before Earth becomes the next to fall.

Why It Rocks

  1. This, along with Wolfenstein 3D, helped in creating the first-person shooter genre of video games.
  2. Many weapons are available to the marine and the strongest are available near the end.
  3. The main character (also known as "Doomguy") you play is so tough, that even Hell can't handle him!
  4. Tons of demons to kill.
  5. The game features a number of secrets that contain a ton of power-ups, armor, weapons and ammunition.
  6. The game also helped to popularize multiplayer deathmatches.
  7. One of the first violent video games that were meant for adults.
  8. One of the weapons you can use is the chainsaw, which has unlimited ammo and can kill a demon in less than a second.
  9. Zombies with guns!
  10. There's STILL a modding community that has been going strong since 1994.
  11. The PlayStation port is so good, that it actually outclassed the PC version in quality, soundtrack and weapon sounds!

Bad Qualities

  1. The game itself has (sadly) spawned some poorly-made console ports.
  2. The infamous "Terrywads", which lure players in with spectacular visuals before suddenly catching them in "traps" that subject them to extremely loud noises, rapidly flashing lights, disturbing images and vulgar (and often NSFW) text that covers the entire screen.


Since its creation, over 10 million copies of the franchise have been sold.



In GAG: The Impotent Mystery this game has parodied into VROOM 666 in laptop with Doors 97 OS location.

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