Contra (also known as Probotector in Europe) was a video game released in 1987 developed and published by Konami. It was originally released as a coin-operated arcade machine before being ported to various computer formats and the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Bill Rizer and Lance Bean must stop the evil Red Falcon Organization from taking over the world and destroy the alien forces controlling them.

Why It Rocks

  1. Smooth and fluent controls.
  2. Several power-ups, with the Spread Gun widely regarded as the best.
  3. Made the Konami code famous along with Gradius
  4. Two stages use a 3D perspective, which was pretty innovative at the time.
  5. Flawless hit detection.
  6. Impressive graphics for the time.
  7. Challenging but rewarding.
  8. Strongly influenced by the Alien franchise.
  9. One of the first games with a two-player mode.


Contra is often considered one of the more harder video games of the 80s and has a 4.21 rating on GameFAQs. Whenever The Angry Video Game Nerd plays a terrible shooter, he often makes a reference to Contra and compares them due to the fluent control over the flaws the bad game has. In addition James Rolfe claims to have beaten the game when he was nine and without the Konami Code. He would often tell people, "I beat Contra before breakfast."