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Chrono Trigger is an RPG originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and ported to the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS and mobile devices. Worldwide, it was released in 1995. It was developed and published by Square.


Chrono, a young swordsman must rescue Princess Nadia (she prefers to call herself Marle) trapped in time by his friend, Lucca's, time machine. Upon rescuing her, Chrono is arrested but Lucca and Marle save him by teleporting to 2300 A.D. What they see is a dead, lifeless world. From still functioning machines they learn that in 1999 A.D., a powerful being known as Lavos, an alien being that had slept in the Earth for millions of years, rose from its slumber and destroyed the world. Deciding to prevent this apocalypse, Chrono gains new allies to hopefully destroy Lavos and prevent the apocalypse.

Why It Rocks

  1. Multiple endings depending on the choices you make.
  2. Every action you do has consequences such as Chrono's trial where people are asked what Chrono did before he went to save Marle.
  3. Enemies and characters move in different directions during combat. This allows for some strategic moments to attack more than one enemy.
  4. Magus, an antagonist in the game can be recruited to the party since his goal is also to kill Lavos.
  5. The characters were designed by Akira Toriyama, the man responsible for the Dragon Ball franchise.
  6. Characters can combine their attacks in battle to perform powerful attacks.
  7. One of the first games to utilize New Game Plus, allowing you to start a new game with your current level for faster progress.
  8. Though it is a short game, the New Game Plus and multiple endings give the game tons of replay value.
  9. Very good soundtrack.
  10. The PlayStation and Nintendo DS ports have anime cutscenes and extra features.
  11. Spoiler Alert for this one: In one moment before the battle with Lavos, Chrono sacrifices himself to save the others becoming one of the most heartbreaking and memorable moments in gaming history. Fortunately, as this game revolves around time travel, you can undertake a quest to prevent his death. However, the game can be beaten even if Chrono remains dead.
  12. Some of the characters has high Strength including Ayla, Chrono, Robo.


Chrono Trigger is considered not only one of the best RPGs on the Super Nintendo, but one of the best RPGs ever made, if not the best. Both the DS and SNES ports of the game are ranked the number one in the highest rated RPGs on GameFAQs, while the PlayStation ported is ranked the number 4 highest rated RPG for the system.

Web Reviewer ProJared gave the game a Clock Without Hands out of 10, praising virtually everything about the game, though he criticized the final battle with Lavos. He concluded that like a clock without hands, Chrono Trigger was timeless.