Bounce is a J2ME platforming video game released in 2002 and developed and published by Nokia.

As a pre-installed game on many Nokia phones, Bounce became very popular among Nokia users and spawned various spin-offs such as Bounce Tales. There were even attempts to make remakes of the game for Android phones.


The player controls a red ball through 11 levels. He has to avoid obstacles and collect all the rings to get to the next level. Crystals give extra points, while crystal balls give an extra life. Jumping on rubber floors gives extra bounce.

Why it Rocks

  1. Decent sound effects.
  2. Simple and easy to learn controls.
  3. Colorful graphics.
  4. Challenging but fair.
  5. Good level design.
  6. Various power-ups, such as one that allows Bounce to jump very high for a limited time without using a rubber floor.

Bad Qualities

  1. Very short.
  2. No soundtrack.
  3. The power-ups might not always be useful.

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