Batman: the Video Game was a video game based off of the first Tim Burton Batman movie. It was released 1989 in Japan and 1990 for North America and Europe. It was developed and published by Sunsoft. It was released for both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.


Loosely following the movie, Batman must defeat the Joker and avenge the death of his parents. Other than that the game is very different from the movie with robots and mutants and DC villains not in the movie.

Why It Rocks

Note: This only covers the NES version.

  1. Good controls.
  2. Awesome music.
  3. Batman is capable of doing a wall jump which is necessary for progress.
  4. Very good graphics for NES standards.
  5. Other than fists, Batman has three other weapons for use, the batarangs, the spear gun, and dirk.
  6. All three weapons are powered up by pellet cartridges, which reduces farming.
  7. Very difficult but fair challenge.


James Rolfe in both his AVGN persona and in real life, heavily praised the game. It was mentioned in the first part of AVGN's Batman games review and played in James and Mike Mondays where James after twenty years finally beat the Joker.

The NES version has a rating of 3.76 on GameFAQs. The Game Boy version however has a rating 3.53.