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The sister wiki to Crappy Games Wiki, this wiki focuses on amazing must-own games, consoles that game collectors need to have, and awesome moments in gaming history that had a positive impact on gaming.

Special Thanks

To DevMac10 for creating the Awesome Games Logo.


Pages about Bomberman, Super Monkey Ball and Hudson Soft are temporarily forbidden because a vandal keeps creating it through sockpuppets. If you see someone creating one of those pages, warn an admin.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Due to heavy corruption in gaming journalism, avoid unreliable sources for determining if a game is good or not. When using GameFAQs, the game needs to have a rating of at least 3.60.
  2. Reasons for deleted comments are: poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, or insulting other users.
  3. Unlike Crappy Games, this site only requires one heading, Why It Rocks for everything.
  4. Unlike Wikipedia, web reviewers are reliable sources and in fact are now more reliable.
  5. If vandalism or trolling occurs report the users causing trouble to an admin instead of attacking them.
  6. Removing information and vandalism on articles will net a permanent ban.
  7. Game articles can now have game tips added to them to give aid to players playing the game.